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The Sarnia – Lambton EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

The EDA has important tasks to perform such as:

  1. Ensuring a unified local presence of Conservative Party supporters
  2. Participating in the development and promotion of Conservative Party policies
  3. Promoting  the Conservative Party and to build party membership
  4. Nominating and supporting a Conservative Party election candidate.
  5. Fundraising to support locally and nationally, the Conservative Party of Canada including election fundraising.
  6. Maintaining a local election readiness plan, and supporting the Conservative Party candidate during an election.

We are very pleased our candidate Marilyn Gladu was elected Member of Parliament in the 2015 federal election, and while it is in our mandate to support and work closely with our local candidate or in this case M.P. The EDA does not actually work for the M.P. or candidate. Instead the EDA is a separate and distinct organization, which performs on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada. The M.P. always maintains his own office, staff, and resources separate from that of the EDA to handle government matters.

The electoral district of Sarnia–Lambton (Ontario) has a population of 106,293 with 81,362 registered voters and 227 polling divisions.

Consisting of that part of the County of Lambton comprised of: the City of Sarnia; the towns of Petrolia and Plympton-Wyoming; the villages of Oil Springs and Point Edward; the townships of Enniskillen and St. Clair; Sarnia Indian Reserve No. 45.

Riding Map

Board of Directors

President – Anne Denman
Secretary – Gordon Perry

Historical Results

Members of Parliament

  1. Bud Cullen, Liberal (1968-1979)
  2. Bill Campbell, Progressive Conservative (1979-1980)
  3. Bud Cullen, Liberal (1980-1984)
  4. Ken James, Progressive Conservative (1984-1993)
  5. Roger Gallaway, Liberal (1993-2006)
  6. Pat Davidson, Conservative (2006-2015)
  7. Marilyn Gladu, Conservative (2015 –     )

Our Riding Since 1867

At Confederation, what is essentially our riding, was called Lambton. In the first election on August 7th, 1867, Liberal Alexander Mackenzie, a contractor, defeated Conservative Alexander Vidal, a land surveyor, 1,999 votes to 1,311 votes.

From 1862 to 1966, the riding was called Lambton West. Since then, the boundaries and the name have changed somewhat, but the riding has remained the westerly part of Lambton County.

In 1970, the riding became Sarnia-Lambton; then Sarnia in 1976, and Sarnia-Lambton again in 1981, which it has remained to this day.

The boundaries of the riding were changed in 2003 to include: the City of Sarnia; the Towns of Petrolia and Plympton-Wyoming; the Villages of Oil Springs and Point Edward; the Townships of Enniskillen and St. Clair and Sarnia Indian Reserve No. 45.

For an complete History of our Riding since 1867 see the Parliamentary Website (click to enter)

Member of Shadow Cabinet



OTTAWA, ON—  MP Marilyn Gladu is a professional engineer by trade with a long career in the petrochemical industry before entering politics. She worked for Dow Chemical for 21 years in a variety of roles locally and globally. Marilyn then became Engineering Manager and subsequently the Director of Engineering at Suncor before taking a consultant role at Worley Parsons, managing large teams of various professionals for construction and engineering projects. She managed contracted capital engineering for Shell before becoming North American Business Director for petrochemicals and refining. She was recently named as a prestigious “Fellow” by the Canadian Academy of Engineers and Engineers Canada.

As the Member of Parliament for Sarnia-Lambton elected in 2015, Marilyn served as Shadow Minister for Science, received the MacLean’s award as “Most Collegial Parliamentarian” as voted by the other members of Parliament, and was promoted to Shadow Health Minister. She has served as the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Rail Caucus, in addition to the Vice-Chair of the Aerospace Caucus. She was also the Chair of the Status of Women and the Vice-Chair on the Standing Committee on Health.


On Tuesday February 22, 2022 Marily Gladu our MP for Sarnia Lambton was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet for the International Trade and Supply Chains and will work proactively with sectors that effect our economy.  Her appointment was by Interim Leader Candice Bergen.


Marilyn has the ability to work with multiple levels of government, NGO’s, and industry associations to achieve good outcomes for our community and our country. She is focused on creating economic opportunities, standing up for seniors, and working with other community leaders on local priorities.

Recently, Marilyn because a Friesen Press Bestselling author for her book, Tales of the Globe Trot, a collection of experiences from a 32 year journey of a tall blond chemical engineer travelling alone

She takes great honour in representing Sarnia-Lambton and using her years of vast experience to ensure that both her community and the nation at large are both served as well as possible. She’s also the proud mom of two daughters.